Mike Cope Racing Enterprises Inc

 In the Driver's Seat

  • Built to your own specifications
  • All builds are delivered race ready
  • Fast turn around for all new builds
  • Budget conscious builds
  • Over 32 years of winning knowledge and expertise
  • Long and loyal relationships which lead to championships
  • Driver growth with one on one mentoring


  • On and off track coaching
  • Personal car chief for each driver
  • Exchange valuable information with teammates
  • ‚ÄčLearn the techniques on giving proper feedback

Custom Builds


 Building A reputation, one car at a time

Everyone dreams of  the opportunity to stand proud on the podium, but it's more than just that. It's about enjoying yourself. It's about knowing that when you strap yourself in your race car with 500 horsepower at your control, you're competitive. You see the finish line and you complete the race. That's what our goal is at Mike Cope Racing Enterprises, Inc. We provide performance from start to finish. It's what we strive to do.